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Located along a stretch of Canal Street in the West Tribeca Historical District, this 24,000 sf, mixed-use building will bring additional residential and commercial space to this fast-paced and constantly changing neighborhood.

In designing the building, the team found inspiration in the historic district’s many elegant cast-iron, palazzo style buildings, while simultaneously honoring the vibrant and commonplace qualities that have defined Canal Street in particular throughout its history.

Like the grand commercial stores of the 19th century, the trabeated facade of 312-322 Canal Street is ordered by an elegant repetition of “posts” and “beams” creating a unified expression. This repetition is reinforced through our priority to create a deep façade, well over a foot from terracotta fin to window, that allows for the play of light and shadow characteristic of many of these earlier cast-iron architectural landmarks.

The result is a building anchored in the architectural heritage of the neighborhood, yet definitively of the present.


PROGRAM: Mixed-Use Commercial

TOTAL AREA: 24,000 sf

CLIENT: Trans World Equities

PARTNERS: Zero Energy, CFS Engineering

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