312-322 Canal STREET

At the intersection of Mercer and Canal Street in the West Tribeca Historical District, 312-322 Canal Street is slated to become NYC’s newest Passive House-certified residential, multi-family project. The project enters into a critical dialogue with its surrounding context. The façade’s repetition recalls some of the underlying structural rhythms of the historical district’s notable palazzo-style, cast-iron facades, but avoids replicating or reproducing their forms, details or material choices.

The material choices for 312-322 Canal Street veers toward the common place elegance rather than the extravagant. The firm choose a standard red-brick, historically used, as the face material of the building. The materiality of this classic red-brick brings utility and practicality to the 100 feet-long elevation along Canal Street. 

Rationalism and utility is a clear priority when dealing with the building’s systems and detailing. 312-322 Canal Street will be a continuously-insulated Passive-House certified project with optimized energy consumption. High-efficiency heat pumps will condition the interior units on an individual basis while ERVs (energy recovery ventilators) will continuously supply the apartments with filtered and conditioned fresh air ensuring a comfortable and healthy interior environment. The prefabricated exterior brick panels will be backed with 4” layer of continuous rigid insulated in addition to a layer of mineral wool at the interior partitions yielding an R-value over 30 for the typical wall section. Passive House-certified windows will ensure that all openings in the façade maintain the requirements for an air-tight building.