Affordable housing has been an essential part of our practice for more than two decades.  The firm has worked on dozens of gut renovations of affordable housing, and has helped shape the sustainable design guidelines for all  such buildings in the City.  Below, we are pleased to present two current affordable housing projects, as well as a selected list of completed projects.

544 East 13th Street and 377 East 10th Street are two affordable housing gut renovation projects in the Lower East Side neighborhood of New York.  Our design team engaged in a participatory design process with the existing tenants, many of whom had lived in their spaces for more than 20 years.  Through a series of one on one meetings with the tenants, their ideas and spatial needs were incorporated into the project.  By incorporating Passive House design techniques such as air tight construction, improved insulation and windows, and energy recovery ventilation, the buildings are made truly sustainable and truly affordable.  They are comfortable, healthy and energy efficient (30% improvement over code on a modest budget).  Finally, these projects are examples of how resiliency can be implemented in vulnerable communities.  Critical utilities such as heating were relocated to the roof, and the highly insulated, air tight thermal envelope will help keep interior temperatures stable during prolonged power outages.

377 E 10th Street Affordable HOUSING Residences


544 E 13th Street Affordable Housing Residences



  • 123-125 East 102nd St., New York NY
  • 166 W. 122nd St., New York NY
  • 451 W.166th St., New York, NY
  • 444 W. 167th St., New York, NY
  • 1185 Fulton Ave., New York NY
  • 120 W. 123rd St., New York NY
  • 190-32 99th Ave., New York NY
  • 7 Second Ave., New York NY
  • 469 West 166th St, New York NY
  • 246 West 139, New York NY
  • 537 West 149, New York NY
  • 292 East 3rd St, New York NY
  • 21 Ave C, New York NY
  • 155 Ave C, New York NY
  • 209 E 7th St, New York NY
  • 544 East 13th St, New York NY
  • 377 East 10th St, New York NY
  • 428 St. Nicholas Ave., New York NY
  • 430 St. Nicholas Ave., New York NY
  • 434 St. Nicholas Ave., New York NY
  • 39 West 126th St., New York NY
  • 44 West 126th St., New York NY
  • 122 West 119th St., New York NY
  • 164 West 130th St., New York NY
  • 434 St. Nicholas Ave., New York NY
  • 452 St. Nicholas Ave., New York NY
  • 361 West 126th St., New York NY
  • 363 West 126th St., New York NY
  • 367 West 126th St., New York NY
  • 364 West 126th St., New York NY
  • 366 West 126th St., New York NY
  • 646 9TH Ave., New York NY
  • 712 E. 5th St., New York, NY
  • 1102 Simpson Ave., Bronx NY
  • 419 East 157Th St., Bronx NY