Taking advantage of its solar exposure, Bethany Terrace proposes a series of southern terraces stepping down to a large, common garden located off of the building lobby. By placing community spaces off of these terraces, and by offering a variety of outdoor spaces – big and small, sunny and shaded – the design creates space for socialization, activity, and leisure. This ‘loop’ of exterior terraces is connected by a continuous series of exterior stairs, offering entrances to interior social spaces at every floor, from the cellar community room and seating terrace to the 4th floor pantry and shaded terrace.

Bethany Terrace is slated to be Passive House certified by Passive House US (PHIUS),and includes a +/- 140 kW rooftop solar array. For heating and cooling, an energy efficient VRF heat pump system is proposed for the cooling system. Centralized gas domestic hot water heaters – though located within the thermal envelope – will have additional air barrier isolation to maximize the best practice indoor air quality provided by Passive House design.

The project is intended to utilize modular construction, controlling total project cost, decreasing construction time, and minimizing waste.

LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY

PROGRAM: Affordable Independent Residences for Seniors (AIRS)

TOTAL AREA: 39,200 sf

CLIENT: RiseBoro Community Partnership

PARTNERS: New York Engineers; Murray Engineering

Bethany_Sustainable Concepts Axon Diagram.jpg
PER GRAYSON_Bethany_SectionPerspective.jpg