In-process : 158 Clifton Residence / by Paul Castrucci

The 158 Clifton Residence is a two family row house project by the SawKill Lumber Company. The owner and founder, Alan Soloman, is gearing up the row house for living as well as collaborating with Paul Castrucci Architect. The building will be one of Brooklyn's only near Net Zero energy retrofits that will be a place of residence and on the top level host architectural educational events, green design salons and a contemporary 'wunderkammer' for objects made of reclaimed wood. Alan Soloman is excited to show the multiplicity of repurposed wood and the possiblities of sustainable design .    

Featured on the front facade is Douglas Fir from Worcestershire Sauce tanks reclaimed from NJ. The old growth woods were recovered from , and milled into 5” & 7” clapboard. The ebonized facade is characteristic of the Japanese fire treatment technique, Shou Sughi Ban,  that dates to the 1700’s and serves as a modern application, furthering the exterior performance of a sustainable material, and producing a subtle and dramatic silhouette of the underlying virgin Douglas Fir figure. 

Details of top floor a space for educational events.