Scenes from International Passive House Conference Weekend / by Paul Castrucci

International Passive House Conference

Friday June 16 launched the International Passive House Weekend in New York City. Paul Castrucci, principle and Grayson Jordan, R.A. attended.  This year's conference and expo, "Towards Market Transformation" was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion and featured over 30 manufacturers and service providers. Presentation were given by New York and International architects focused on transforming the market and leading the way towards a cleaner and healthier built environment.  The conference also provided a vehicle for building upon relationships with the firm's community group partners and fellow architects. 

New York Passive House featured the firm's  project R-591  on the cover of the convention trifold. 

New York Passive House featured the firm's project R-591 on the cover of the convention trifold. 

Top Facebook Live Moments

The International Passive House Association conference talk on mixed use in mixed climates

Habitat for Humanity doing passive house at The International Passive House Association

Cold climate Passive house for production facility at The International Passive House Association

Posted by Paul A. Castrucci, Architect on Friday, June 16, 2017

Final thoughts before cocktails at new york Passive house conference

Summer Passive House Days

 Open House at 158 Clifton Pl

On Saturday June 17, the firm participated in a city wide Summer Passive House Days.  Summer Passive House Days are a way for architects, homeowners, clients and developers to get a first hand experience of the many advantages Passive Houses offer! Open house tours are great places for builders, engineers, architects and green building enthusiasts to learn about projects, and network with many experts in the field. The firm created a multimedia experience using QR codes that showed the participant video documentation of the process, blog post to more detailed information on the woods, systems and products. The QR codes were strategically place to offer a multimedia experience though out the space.

EnerPhit Rehab of existing 3 story plus Basement plus Cellar two family building. Passive House wood frame rowhouse renovation with extensive use of reclaimed wood throughout, including Sho Shugi Ban (burnt Douglas Fir) front facade and recycled Ipe from the Coney Island Boardwalk on the rear façade.  This renovation reduced the energy demand of the building to the extent that the planned rooftop solar installation brings the Owner’s unit into Net Zero capability.