Publication and Press : Paul A. Castrucci, Architect in "From Small To Extra Large : Passive House rising to New heights" / by Paul Castrucci

Low Carbon Productions is one of the leading publishers of the latest information on Passive House Building. They cover the latest developments and trends in building energy efficiency. 

Paul A. Castrucci, Architect is a supporter of Low Carbon Production and was featured extensively in this year's publication "From Small to Extra Large: Passive House Rising to New Heights" Link to E-book Download  


New York Passive House 2018

Mayor Bill de Blasio has called climate change “the challenge of our generation,” and New York City has responded to this challenge by committing to achieving greenhouse gas reductions of 80% by 2050. “The leadership shown by Governor Cuomo and New York State to make bold emissions reductions commitments is vital to solving the climate crisis,” says former Vice President Al Gore.

It is exciting to see the application of Passive House evolving from small single-family homes to extra-large skyscrapers. New York Passive House is committed to advancing policy that recognizes the critical contributions of low-energy, high-performance Passive House buildings to support our state’s clean-energy transformation.


As Andreas Benzing notes in the introduction to a new guide, From Small to Extra-Large : Passive House Rising to New Heights, "New York City is fast becoming becoming a Passive House epicenter of the country" 
- Treehugger by Lloyd Alter

 "Three projects by Paul A. Castrucci Architect are described in the publication, including ABC No Rio’s new headquarters in the Lower East Side, which is one of the first passive commercial buildings in the city . . . The thermal breaks are essential for reducing energy consumed in regulating the interior temperatures throughout the seasons, according to the passive building philosophy."
- Architect Newspaper by Alex Wong

"Many of the aforementioned projects are featured in From Small to Extra Large: Passive House Rising to New Heights, the first e-book guide produced by Passive House Buildings, detailing over 50 works that were built to the energy standard. And in June, the organization held what Benzing called “our biggest conference yet, with nearly 600 attendees and 38 expo booths.”  . . . But passive house certainly appears to offer a model that ensures that new projects are doing more good than harm to our environment, which is encouraging." - The Cooperator by Mike Odenthal