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The Woodlawn Senior Living project is a 55,000 sf five-story, 80-unit, Affordable Independent Residence for Seniors (AIRS) located in the Bronx, NY. Paul A. Castrucci, Architects (PCA) provided complete design services for the new building and an accessory lot with a communal garden and satellite parking.

The project will be certified to Passive House standards thereby dramatically decreasing building energy use and operational costs, while providing superior occupant comfort and best-practice indoor air quality. By building to the Passive House standards and following HPD Design guidelines, PCA was able to fulfill the required Enterprise Green Community (EGC) certification for this project.

In addition to the sustainability goals, we set out to create a beautiful, comfortable home for building residents that was economically constructed but durable; delightful but efficient.

The design team focused on creating meaningful social spaces at places of intersection. These junctures encourage impromptu conversations, enjoyment of the connection to exterior gathering spaces, and engagement in the social services provided on site.


PROGRAM: Affordable Independent Residences for Seniors (AIRS)

TOTAL AREA: 55,000 sf

CLIENT: RiseBoro Community Partnership

PARTNERS: ZeroEnergy Design; Bright Power; NY Engineers; RD Gibble Consulting Engineers; GRANT Engineering

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