Bethany Terrace is a 80-unit multi-residential building utilizing sustainable methods that include a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) array and a rainwater harvesting system. This architectural project was designed, developed and built by Paul A. Castrucci, Architects, PLLC demonstrating our dedication to affordable housing, smart design, sustainability, and building quality. Bethany Terraces also provides an example of how developers can leverage the New York City’s Climate Mobilization objectives for low-income and senior residences. Inspired by the people and culture of the _______________ neighborhood, the south façade is continues the tradition of urban gardens and parks, which give residents the opportunity to gather, converse and experience the site for comfort and comradarie.


Location- Brooklyn, NY

Client- RiseBoro Community Partnership

Completion- 2021 anticipated

Area- 39,200 SF

Certification- Passive House US anticipated

Services- Architecture, Energy Consulting, Community Engagement

Partners- New York Engineers, Murray Engineering

Type- Residential